You can mute/unmute tracks in real time during playback by hitting the pads.

When you want to record track mute events on a sequence,
Please press [PLAY] or the [PLAY START] button, pressing [REC] or the [OVER DUB] button.

However, "UNDO" does not work.
The left end of each track blinks by Note On. (More than Ver.3.72)
Not blinking with the intensity of the sound.
Therefore, an audio track does not blink.

Refer to video

You can display 1 to 64 tracks by switching pad banks.

The track list displays the first 8 letters of the track name.

If F1 (ALLMUTE) button is pressed, all the tracks will be mute.

If F2 (CLEAR) button is pressed, all the tracks will be unmute.

Hit the pad that corresponds to the track that you wish to play, while pressing the F6 (SOLO) button.
F6 (SOLO) will be highlighted and F5 (UNSOLO) will be displayed and MPC will play only the selected track while it mutes the other tracks.
You can switch the tracks to play, by hitting a pad.

Solo mode will be canceled if F5 (UNSOLO) button is pressed.

If F6 (SOLO) button is pressed in the state of Screen 1, it will return to the state before a solo mode is set to ON.

Track Mute Groups

Pads can be grouped together, so hitting one pad will affect the other pads in the same group.

If cursor button is pressed, cursor will move to the group field. (If a [SHIFT] + cursor button is pressed, it will return to the sequence field)

Please turn a DATA wheel and select a group number.

In the case of the set of the above figure
The tracks 1, 2, and 3 of the same group number will be muted together, when one of A01-A03 of a pad is pressed.

9 different mute groups can be created.

An active track will also be changed, if a track is chosen when cursor is in the group field.

Mode select of mute group (Only OS128SP)

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed, the window of "Track Mute" will open.

Behavior of a mute group can be chosen in the "Mute Group mode" field.
ALL: If one of pads is hit, all the tracks of the same group will be muted.
EXCLUSIVE SOLO: Tracks other than the hit pad in the same group will be muted.
EXCLUSIVE MUTE: Only the track of the hit pad in the same group will be muted.

Reference video

Change of an active track

If F4 (Act.Trk) button is pressed, the display of "ACTIVE" will blink and it will become the change mode of an active track.
An active track will be changed if a pad is hit. (If F4 (Act.Trk) button is pressed once again, it will return to the mode of track mute.)
Since PAD1-64 correspond to TRACK 1-64, for example, if PAD6 is hit an active track will change to TRACK 6.
Moreover, if PAD6 of BANK-B is hit, it will change to TRACK 21.
In addition, when a solo function is ON, the track of a solo always turns into an active track.

An active track can be changed even if it turns a DATA wheel, pressing the [MODE] button.

Moreover, an active track will also be changed, if a track is chosen when cursor is in the group field.

If you want to stop a sound immediately when the sample of a one shot is muted, please make a setup of
a "Track Mute" window into IMMEDIATE.

Please set "Mute/stop of one-shot sample" Field to IMMEDIATE.
THROUGH: One shot samples are always played until sample end.
IMMEDIATE: One shot samples are stopped immediately when pressing stop or muting the pad.

The display method selection of a mute track

The display method of a mute track can be chosen in the "PLAY/MUTE track display" field of a "Track Mute" window.

NORMAL: A mute track is highlighted and is displayed.

REVERSAL: A not mute track is highlighted and is displayed.

Mute type selection

Mute/stop of one-shot sample=IMMEDIATE

At the time of this condition, the behavior when carrying out mute ON/OFF of the long sample can be changed by selection of MUTE TYPE.

Please select the type of mute in the "MUTE TYPE" field.

The note event of tracks is turned OFF and muted.
In this case, it is not pronounced until it receives note-on, even if it cancels mute.

The level of a track is set to 0 (OFF) and muted.
In this case, even if it cancels mute immediately after mute, pronunciation is resumed to that timing.

Level mute does not work to external MIDI.

Please set the "Use events" field to OFF to repeal the recorded track mute event.

In the case of OFF, Even if it play back the sequence on which the mute event is recorded,
a track mute event is not played back.

The Next sequence cannot be performed during recording of a track mute event.
The "UNDO" key does not work in track mute mode.

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