It is the mode which performs the input and edit of an event using a graphic editor. ([MODE]+PAD15)

A sequence cannot be changed during a play.
Loop of sequences are ignored in OS3 below Ver.2.xx.

1 Pad number
2 Horizontal marker
3 Vertical marker
4 Event field
5 Pad event

About F1 (LOOP) of Ver.2.xx, it is the same specification as the loop of a main screen.
You can move the cursor to each field with the cursor buttons.
Movement of a bar can be performed by the BAR button.
It can move quickly by a BAR + DATA wheel.

Vertical marker is moved to the event of the next or previous by a STEP button.
Regardless of the value of timing correct, a vertical marker 1 tick moves by [SHIFT] + DATA wheel.
Change of a track can be performed in a [MODE] + DATA wheel.
Swing is not effective against the recorded event. (Ver.2.xx)

The move interval of the vertical marker in a standard display (2 bars displays)
Refer to video.
Usually, if a DATA wheel is turned, regardless of the value of timing correct, it will move at intervals of 24 ticks.
If a DATA wheel is turned pressing the [NOTE REPEAT] button, it will move at the following intervals with the value of timing correct.
1/8 = 48 ticks
1/8-3 = 32 ticks
1/16 = 24 ticks
1/16-3 = 16 ticks
1/32 = 12 ticks
1/32-3 = 8 ticks
OFF = 1 tick

Please refer to "Tracks Edit Mode" for [SHIFT] + F1 (TR EDIT).

It is [SHIFT] + F5 (Zoom Out) button and is zoom out.

It is [SHIFT] + F6 (Zoom In) button and is zoom-in.

The sample assigned to the pad by [SHIFT] + F3 (SAMPLE) button is displayed.
If [SHIFT]+F3 (SAMPLE) button is pressed once again, a screen will return.

If the cursor button is pressed, cursor will move to the sample field.

If the [SHIFT] + cursor button is pressed, cursor will move to the program field.

When a program is INST, it is displayed as shown in the above figure.

If [SHIFT]+F2 (ALL PAD) button is pressed, it will become all pads mode. (OS3 is [SHIFT]+F4 (ALL PAD))

If cursor is moved to the bar field, a bar is movable with a DATA wheel. (Except time signature 4/4, it does not work correctly)

If the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in the event field, the window of "GRID Options" will open.

Step sound: If you select ON, the event of a marker position will be sounded when a marker passes.
Auto step increment: If you select YES, after inputting an event by the pad, a vertical marker moves to the right automatically.
Duration: AS PLAYED: The length which is pushing the pad is inputted into the value of duration.
TC VALUE: Regardless of the length which is pushing the pad, a fixed value is inputted according to the value of timing correct.
Horizontal grid: If it turns OFF, the horizontal line of a grid will be erased.

Screen of Horizontal grid:OFF

Please refer to
"movement of pad events" for F2 (PadMove).

Note: The type of a track cannot be changed during playback or recording.

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