One arbitrary bar can be edited during loop playback execution. (OS128SP does not have this function.)
When this feature is used, the data on the note variation currently recorded and 16 levels is lost.
It cannot be used except 4/4.

If [SHIF] +F3 (VIEW) button is pressed, 1 bar edit mode window of the bar of the cursor position will open.

If the [PLAY] or [PLAY START] button is pressed, loop playback of the present bar will be carried out.
The input and edit of an event can be performed, carrying out loop playback.
What can be edited is one bar of the pad chosen now.

Change of a pad to edit should hit a pad to edit, or should move cursor to the Pad field, and should turn a DATA wheel.
If F6 (CLOSE) button is pressed, a window will be closed and it will play automatically from the present position. (When it closes during loop playback)

This window can be opened and edited during playback or recording of a sequence.
However, when it opened and closes during recording, it will be in a playback state. (A recording state is not continued.)

The change of PAD BANK cannot be performed.

Moreover, only an active bank is pronounced.

Setting Velocity

A velocity can be set in seven steps.
The value of the velocity in each stage is as follows.

Setting Shift Timing

Setting Duration

A display is displayed only to 0 to 99.

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