Line Pattern

Record of patterns. (OS128SP does not have this function.)

If [SHIFT] + F1 (LinePat) button is pressed, it will become an record mode of line patterns. (It is possible even if it presses [SHIFT] + F1 (LinePat) button during a play.)
Moreover, OVER DUB is set to ON(the LED is lit).

Record of line patterns can be performed carrying out loop playback, if the [PLAY] button is pressed.
Line pattern mode will be canceled if F1 (LinePat) button is pressed.

Please move a marker to a position to record a line pattern into.
Movement of a marker hits a pad or can be performed by or cursor button.

A turn of a DATA wheel will display and record a line pattern.

If F4 (DELETE) button is pressed, the event of the same position as a marker will be deleted.

ON/OFF and a set of a full level cannot be performed during a play of line pattern mode.

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