160m antenna Koori's Jack

160m   Is it a sloper? or tower drive?

Koori's Jack

born on July, 2006

  How is it good to easily do QRV with a telescoping crank up tower in 160m band? I am troubled with disposal of wires when crank was downed by a normal sloper and shunt feed tower drive.   I broke off the problem with this antenna.

  At first a basic form sets up a wire from the footline upper part of a telescoping crank up tower. I connect a wire to a core line of 50ohm coaxial cables, and I connect a tower to shield line of a cable, and it is an end. Attention is necessary for the tip of the wire becoming the high voltage.

  Actually I bent it on the way because I was not able to set straight up a wire. In the feeding point, about 6m freeboards, length of a wire is 36m, length of tower is 27m. (The antenna of the tower top is 40m /20m /15m tri-band Yagi.) Although it is easy, I can use it for DX.

  A frequency characteristic of SWR is not so different from Measurements when I try to simulate it.
(MMANA is convenient to get an approximate result)


  In addition, a launching corner is low in an emission pattern. It is a tower mainly that contribute to emission.

  when I bent a wire more for trial, I arrive and simulate it

  The characteristic changes by the length of the wire and height from the ground of the wire.

  In an emission pattern, some gains seem to change.

  Influence by the state of the ground.
    Simulation by 4nec2(It reflects the loss of the ground)

good ground (conductivity=0.01, diel constant=4)

poor ground (conductivity=0.001, diel constant=5)

Feeding point

Connection part with the tower

160m antenna " Koori's Jack "

160m WAC

160m DXCC

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