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STO Saito Translation Office inc. Q & A

Q1 What is the technical translation?

Technical translation may be defined as the translation of documents involving technical, scientific information and products, including technical papers, specification sheets, operational manuals, and installation manuals, which require industry-specific knowledge to be translated.

We can respond to diversified technical translation needs, particularly, IT & automobile industries and manual translation (from Japanese to English, and vice versa).

Q2 How can I request an estimate?

Please send an excerpt from your original manuscript via email or fax.

From English to Japanese : 2,380 yen (per 200 English words)
(Rate per 200 English words in the original)

From Japanese to English: 2,980 yen (per 400 Japanese characters)
(Rate per 400 Japanese characters in the original)

We will give you the estimate based on the rate shown above by return.

Q3 Is your Trial Translation free of charge?


We will translate an excerpt from your original manuscript (specified by you) so that you can verify the quality of our translation beforehand.

Q4 I would like to have a sample of your English translation.

You can request a sample translation any time.
Please feel free to ask us.

Q5 Can you translate only texts in PowerPoint data?

Yes, we can.

Please send the original PowerPoint data, to which the translated texts will be flowed. We use PowerPoint2007 for Windows.

We support industry standard software such as Word, Excel and Acrobat (PDF).
Please contact us for details.

Q6 Can you translate texts in Illustrator data?

Yes, we can.

Please send the original Illustrator data, into which the translated texts will be flowed. We use Illustrator CS2 for Mac.

Q7 Can you create an English web site?

Yes, we can.

Because of different character width, the English web site requires additional layout work. Please feel free to ask us for more details.

Q8 Can I specify terminology?

Yes, you can.

Please provide us glossary of terms, or any reference materials beforehand.

Q9 How do you handle confidential materials?

We take all possible measures to ensure confidentiality. Confidential materials received shall be returned or strip-shredded when the storage term has passed.

Q10 Can you correct any errors in translation?

Yes, we can.

We exert our utmost efforts to avoid possible translation errors by thorough proofreading. However, if any error occurs, it shall be corrected immediately.

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Experienced computer engineers and programmers with expertise in IT/Telecom translate manuals, specification sheets, academic papers, and other technical documents.

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Since establishment, we have provided high-quality, readable, and user-friendly translation services —this is what STO aims for. With the excellent quality checking system, we have strived to provide the quality translation services. Inexperienced translators can also apply if you can do careful work. We believe our mission also includes recruiting new staff and fostering them.

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