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STO Saito Translation Office inc., Translation Services

1. Provides high-quality translation services

Most translation companies try to find translators who are at once excellent in language skills and specialized in technical fields. As a matter of fact, quite few are those who have both skills―high linguistic ability as well as a wide range of expertise. To maintain the utmost quality, we employ two-step translation process: first, professional translators translate and then, industry professionals in the required fields check for technical accuracy.

Many of the industry professionals who perform checking in the process are working engineers who have stayed up to date with the industry. Through the collaboration of the experts and professional translators, this two-step translation system, although taking time and efforts, has enabled us to provide “high-quality” translation services.

2. Reuses translation assets using TRADOS

The use of TRADOS, translation support software, has allowed us to accumulate the results of translation as data. This has made it possible for us to use the data to quickly create a revised version at lower costs, to respond to a partial change in the original, for example.

3. Supports a variety of software applications

We support a variety of software applications including Word, Excel, Power Point, Acrobat (PDF), Lotus, Ichitaro, TRADOS and Flame Maker, thereby utilizing data effectively.

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Experienced computer engineers and programmers with expertise in IT/Telecom translate manuals, specification sheets, academic papers, and other technical documents.

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We are currently recruiting freelance translators.

Since establishment, we have provided high-quality, readable, and user-friendly translation services —this is what STO aims for. With the excellent quality checking system, we have strived to provide the quality translation services. Inexperienced translators can also apply if you can do careful work. We believe our mission also includes recruiting new staff and fostering them.

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