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Manual Translation

Always providing quality translation that is easy to understand for users.This is what STO aims for.

Japanese industrial products are usually high in quality and many of them are exported overseas. Their manuals, however, may not be easy-to-understand resulting in the users unable to use the products effectively, or in some cases, getting in trouble with PL suits.

To avoid these consequences, it is crucial to create manuals that are of high quality and refined enough to function as "explanatory book instructing users to make full use of the product."

STO aims to help our clients, both in Japan and overseas by creating manuals that take advantage of the technical communication techniques we have accumulated over the years, thus contributing to international communications.

Our manual translation is efficient and cost-effective due to the application of TRADOS, translation support software, which allows the terms and overall representation that are consistent, and translation of mere difference between revised and the latest versions. Also, we can provide a dictionary of translated terms and words upon your request.

STO can provide layout editing, DTP, and printing if necessary, besides translation services. This enables us to give you a translation that adjusts to a layout, making you save time and cost eventually.

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Experienced computer engineers and programmers with expertise in IT/Telecom translate manuals, specification sheets, academic papers, and other technical documents.

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We are currently recruiting freelance translators.

Since establishment, we have provided high-quality, readable, and user-friendly translation services —this is what STO aims for. With the excellent quality checking system, we have strived to provide the quality translation services. Inexperienced translators can also apply if you can do careful work. We believe our mission also includes recruiting new staff and fostering them.

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