We are not alone

The motorcycle is one of the most marvelous vehicles ever invented. When riding, you feel as if you were flying. The wind tells you the other side of the surroundings that you couldn't sense when enclosed in a car. It is exiting and challenging to handle a machine of big power at your own will. On the other hand it requires intelligence and skills to overcome possible risks of accidents.

Motorcyclists love motorcycles in their own way. How you got to know motorcycles, what model you have, what you use motorbikes for - all of them are your choices. So you think. However you will find one day that you owe other riders many things; riding manners and technique, social status of motorcyclists and your friend who taught you the joy of motorcycles. Without knowing it we are playing a role in motorcyclist communities.

Thanks to this unvisible connection of motorcyclists, Japan is a sort of paradise for motorcyclists. Men and women, young and old, enjoy motorbikes almost all the year round in the mild climate. You will see the traffic is well organized together with many motorcycles in major cities. Considering the number of motorbikes, its accident rate is quite low.

This paradise for motorcycles is at the same time a paradise for robbers. Motorcycles are stolen so often so easily. Two hundred and forty thousand a year! It is a shame to find this country has so high crime rate. The stolen motorcycles are seldom recovered, so are the robbers seldom arrested.

It's hard to accept the fact that a machine with an ID number (chassis number) shouldn't be located on the earth in this age of GPS and Internet. If the justice is not realized, motorcyclists will do justice. When your motorcycle is stolen, register it. By doing so, other motorcyclists can check if an abandoned motorbike or a used bike at a cycle shop is the one listed here.

It may be that your stolen bikes will not return to you after all. Even if it returns, that may be no longer a thing that can be called "motorbike". Still let's imagine the days will come when everyone can feel safe having motorcycles. It's not a dream. However small the power of individual motorcyclist may be, it will change the world when united each other. The great philosophical leader for the independence of India once said, "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

This Web site is another example of "insignificant" trial for the dream. Because I think the motorcycle is the most marvelous vehicle in the world.

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