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This is a site where motorcyclists help each other to get their stolen motorcycles back.

CBX - Chasing your stolen Bikes to eXtremes
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Stolen Motorcylces Register and Recovery

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This is a site for searching stolen motorcycles

It is not widely known that 240 thousand motorcycles are stolen a year in Japan (including 50cc scooter and moped). More surprising is the fact that this figure has not changed for the last 10 years.

All we could do was just to report to the police. However, it is only for a record's sake, and that does not mean the stolen bikes will be searched. If your stolen motorcycle were luckily found deserted on the street, it could return to you, but we all know it is not a sort of thing we can expect to happen so often.

If you had your motorcycles stolen, you could do nothing but wait or forget. Until now.

Now we have got the Internet; the means of uniting the single power and effort of individuals. When you had your motorcycles stolen, please send that information to us, and it will be listed on the page of stolen bikes. A reader of this site may come across your bikes. In return you are expected to help recover the listed motorcycles for the other riders. We believe the day will come some day when the spreading motorcyclist communities finally eliminate the motorbike robbery.

If you are living in Japan,

send the following information on your stolen bikes by e-mail to us for registry.

When you discover a motorcylce listed on this site, could you inform the nearest police station or koban. The name of police station that the stolen bike was reported to and its date will help police officers to identify the bike and its owner. At the same time, please e-mail us so that we can inform the owner about who discovered the motorbike he has been searching for.

If you live outside Japan,

we still need your help. The motorcycles listed in this site are all stolen in Japan. However, it is suspected that a certain part of these stolen bikes were brought out of Japan. If your motorbike, or a bike you are going to buy, is a used one imported from outside your country, just have a look of its chassis number and engine number. The Make, Model, Chassis number and Engine number on the list are in alphanumeric.

If it turns out the one listed in this site, will you tell us how you got it and from who. Whoever you are and wherever you live, we have our love for motorcyles in common.

Headlight Taillight

"I don't want a used ride. I want my motorcycle. It's an extention of my soul if there is such a thing."
- from Dark Angel Episode #105 "411 on the DL" -

Save Dark Angel
"How the black Ninja adds a charm to the character of heroin in Dark Angel"

SPECIAL 2: Motorcycle shop in Bangkok sells stolen Harley Davidson motorbikes from Japan; TV Ch.4 aired causing a sensation in Japan

On 9th of April 2006, Japan TV Ch.4 aired a special documentary program in the eveing news about the bikes stolen in Japan and being sold at a shop in Bangkok.

Two Harley Davidsons stolen in Japan were found being for sale at a motorcycle shop in downtown Bangkok, Thailand and the two Japanese owners of these motorcycles left for Bangkok to get their stolen bikes back late February this year.

On visiting the shop they showed the evidence that the Harley Davidsons in the shop, V-ROD and FXSTS (CBX Registry No. 2'992 and No. 3'521), had been stolen in Tokyo in 2004 and 2005 respectively and these bikes are theirs. However, the owner of the shop refused to return the bikes to them, insisting that these bikes were imported by the "legal" procedure.

The fact is, he had mentioned openly to the visitors one month earlier that the Harley Davidsons he sells are all stolen bikes from Japan. The scene of that conversation was also aired.

As the shop owner wouldn't show any sense of guilty, a team from the Royal Thai Police came in to support the Japanese riders and confiscate the two Harley Davidsons as an evidence for their investigation.

The copy of shipping documents the police has got from the shop shows that these Harley Davidsons had been dismantled into parts and shipped in a separte container. The stolen motorcycles had not been imported as a complete machine, but as used parts of motorcycles duly declared. That was the "legality" that the shop claims.

The documents also show how the international motorcyle theft group organizes the whole process; from stealing, dismantling, shipping, importing and assembling.

The TV Ch.4 program has caused a great sensation among not only the motorcyclists but general public who knew little about motorcycle theft; they expect that justice shall be done in Thailand and the confiscated Harley Davidsons be returned to the two owners soon.

SPECIAL 1: Got back stolen bikes from Taiwan!

In March 2004 Taipei police confiscated a number of high-powered motorcycles as they were unregistered and illegally imported in Taiwan. A motorcycle cop who seized one of them suspected they might have been stolen in Japan and imagined, as a motorcylist, that the owners must want them back to themselves.

One or two digits of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, or frame number) of each bike were faulsely engraved. But with the help of the laboratory investigation section of the police station, he could discover the true VIN.

He sent the information to the police agency of Japan but while the reply from Japan was delayed, he got to know this CBX site and tried SEARCH; three were hit.

All of the three owners in Japan wanted their motorcycles back. Having prepared documents that were expected to be required to prove the ownership of the bikes, registration certificate, owners' ID etc we visited Taipei in August 2004 and for the first time in Japan's history, we successfully got back the three motorbikes from Taiwanese authority legally.

In December 2004, another 8 motorbikes returned from Taiwan.

For detailed reports go to the following pages (in Japanese).

"Stolen motorcylces crossed the sea, and crossed again to return" ('04/8/21)
"Welcome back, my bike!"('04/9/29)
"Returned VTR-SP2 runs again"('05/2/26)
"Another 8 bikes returned"('05/2/19)

returned bikes1returned bikes2

Updates of stolen bike lists

Newly added to [Stolen Bike List]


The Truth about Nuclear Power

"The Truth about Nuclear Power" - a legendary lecture by Hiroaki KOIDE is now availale with English subtitle on YouTube.youtube

Mr Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, is one of a few scientists who have been against the nuclear plants. He is "one of a few" because the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) drove away all the scientists from universities who had the scientific and therefore critical view on the nuclear power.

The lecture was made on March 20, 2011. The program was organized by a group of citizens who are against the construction plan of new reactors in a small island of Iwai-shima of Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi Pref. Mr Koide's lecture had been arranged long before and was originally aimed to help people to stop the construction. But because it turned to be the first lecture after the 3.11, he referred to the Fukushima disaster as well.

The video was uploaded on YouTube the next day and soon became widely known. The view count of the original Japanese version is now nearly one million.

Since the accident occurred, Mr Koide has been a regular commentator on a radio news channel "Tanemaki journal" in Osaka region, providing updates and his analysis on what is going on at Fukushima plant. Its audio file is also uploaded by volunteers each time on YouTube for the audiences outside its broadcasting area.

Cyndi Lauper's Legendary Japan Tour 2011

Japanese people are still fighting against the two crises; one was caused by the Nature - tsunami, but the other was brought by arrogant human - the nuclear plant accidents.

However, we see the humanity shining in such difficult time. Heroic activities of Tokyo Fire Dept crews under the radioactive danger, the rescue operation by soldiers of Japan Self Defence Force, volunteer workers and many unmamed people helping the victims by the tsunami.

Not only Japanese, but people in the world too. Cyndi Lauper is one of them; she is one of my most favourite artists as well since 80's.

She arrived in Japan just a few hours after the quake on March 11th. As the Narita airport was closed, her American Airline plane landed to Yokota US Air Base, then transferred to Haneda airport. From Haneda to her hotel in Tokyo it took 6 hours by car due to extreme heavy trafic, arriving at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Though suggested to leave Japan, she and her band decided to play in Japan as scheduled (15th at Nagoya, 16th, 17the, 18th in Tokyo, 21st and 22nd in Osaka) in the hope of encouraging people. You can imagine how courageous thing it was, as there were still frequent aftershocks, the power shortage, and the threat of radioactive pollution even in Tokyo. And they did.

The concert of the 22nd of March was her last performance of the Japan tour, and just 2 hours before the starting time, it was announced that the performance would be streamed live at free over the Net. I was one of the lucky men who got to know this to come home before it started.

It was the most moving and inspiring stage I've ever seen. She showed us what the artist is, and what the artist can do.

The Japan Times tells a story on a hunt for stolen bikes

The article is available online. It refers to this site to quote the report on getting back stolen motorcycles from Taiwan in 2004. I hope that the motorcycles theft won't be regarded as a 'domestic crime' any more.

"Cyber-hunters go after stolen cycles" (Nov 29, 2006 "The Japan Times ONLINE")

"Many foreigners in Bangkok get conned" into buying a stolen motorcycle

More and more foreigners who live in Thailand and love motorcycles are aware that many motorcycle shops out there sell motorbikes stolen in other countries, mostly in Japan. What puzzles us is the fact that they have been selling stolen motorcycles for years without being accused by the local authority.

Mr. D.W., a foreigner living in Bangkok, wrote to me after reading the "Special 2". Any comments on the article from motorcyclists in Thailand will be welcome.

I have been to many motorcycle shops in bangkok looking for a used motorcycle. 
many dealers have honda shadows, steeds, yamaha dragstars, Suzuki intruders--
that they say are imported. I also notice that at most of these shops they are 
assembling bikes at first it makes you think they are new or refurbished.

Many foreigners get conned in this scam in Bangkok. I don't see why the law 
doesn't close down the shops.

Japan TV Ch.4 aired stolen Harley Dadidsons being sold in Bangkok

On 9th of April, Japan TV Ch.4 aired a special documentary program in the eveing news about the bikes stolen in Japan and being sold at a shop in Bangkok. For details read "Special 2".

NHK Educational TV Ch.2 aired CBX

The NHK Educational TV Channel aired a series of program on "Anti-theft manual for all" and in its 11th program, "To protect your bikes from thieves" (Nov 30, 2005), this CBX was cited and introduced as an effective means of stolen bike recovery.

Bikes stolen outside Japan are also registered

This site started as a database of motorbikes stolen in Japan. But I have received several stolen bike information from outside Japan up to now. They are not in the list of stolen bikes, but they are in the list of Stolen Bike Search.

Today a BMW rider reported on the loss of her bike from Greece. One of the objectives of this site is to unite the motorcyclists in the world against the bike theft. Now the stolen bike information from outside Japan shall be included in the list of stolen bikes just like the ones stolen in Japan. The theft groups are international organizations; riders will always be defeated if they are isolated in their own country.

Another Hayabusa stolen in 10 minutes on the street

Registry No.3'434 Hayabusa disappeared in 10 mintues after the rider parked it on the road of Hakusan Street, Kanda, Tokyo, and left for a quick lunch. But there was a witness, who watched a man in leather jacket with a helmet on dragging across the street the Hayabusa that was making loud alarm beep for help. But the sound didn't reach the owner in a noodle restaurant.

How the gang could make it? We suppose that a member of the gang follows a rider when he leaves his motorbike on the street. When the follower confirms the rider is in good distance from his bike, he tells other members, by cell phone probably, to let them commit it.

All riders are advised to put a chain or U lock on their machine whereever they park it, even for a very short time, say 10 minnutes, unless you keep an eye on your iron horse.

HAYABUSA with special Spiderman paint stolen

New registry No.3'429 is a unique Hayabusa. The owner had three motorbikes stolen in the last six years; one Blackbird and two Hayabusas. He assumes that all the three bikes were already brought out of Japan. This is his fourth. He painted his Hayabusa in the unique and conspicuous design so that a theft gang might hesitate to take. It sure is a beautiful bike; details with photos are available here.

50 bikes stolen in Japan confiscated in Greece

According to a Greek newspaper KATHIMERINI, police announced on 15th of April that they charged four suspects including a Japanese man with theft and trading in stolen motorcycles. Some 50 high-powered motorcycles were confiscated from a warehouse.

Motorbikes stolen in Japan, sold in Greece (April 16, 2005)
CBX Register No.2'345 FJR1300 and No.3'345 CBR600F4i are among the 50 bikes. Their owners had already informed the police agnecy of Japan early this year of their will to get their bikes back.


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