Japan Judah homoeologous-theory

There are many bases in "Japan Judah homoeologous-theory".

The basis regarding "Japan Judah homoeologous-theory"

  1. Two royal families regarding Star of David

    Star of David is the crest of the ancient Judean royal family.
    Ise shrine hold a ceremony for the repose of ancestors of Japanese emperor. There is Star of David in Ise shrine.
  2. Two little boxes attached to forehead

    "Phylacteries" which the Judean follower attaches to forehead,
    "Tokin" which a Buddhist monk attaches to the head, has been similar.
    Tengu has attached also "Tokin", Tengu has a hooked nose like the Judean person.
  3. Two figures of the Israeli national flag and Kagomemon

    The figure which is on the center of the Israeli national flag is called Star of David. That in Japan is called the “Kagomemon”.
  4. It continues.