Main Screen

1 Tempo sauce field Please refer to "Selecting a tempo source".
2 MIDI/SYNC indicator field (OUT) The information on SYNC sent when MIDI/SYNC was sent is displayed.
3 Simul sequence Please refer to "Simul Sequence".
4 MIDI field The output channel and port of the active track are displayed.
Please set up a channel and a port, when you carry out a MIDI output.
5 Program change field Please refer to "Output Midi Program Change"
6 Note field The output note number of the pad chosen is displayed.
Please refer to
"A setup of an output MIDI note"
7 PLAYMODE & VOICE field The status of PLAY MODE and VOICE of the chosen pad is displayed.
8 LEVEL, PAN, and OUT field The values of LEVEL, PAN, and OUT of the chosen pad are displayed.
9 Master effect field The state of a master effect is displayed. (ON/OFF)
10 Effect field The type of the effect selected is displayed.
11 Track mixer The track mixer is displayed. (Only TRACK 1-16)
12 F1(LOOP) Please refer to Loop setting of a sequence
13 Level meter INPUT THRU level meter.
14 INPUT THRU field The INPUT THRU state is displayed. (ON/OFF)
15 Q-link field Please refer to "Q-link (MAIN)".
16 Multi timbre field (ON/OFF) Multi timbre OFF = ALL CH ACTV TR
Multi timbre ON = CH1-16 TR1-16
Please refer to
"Multi timbre"
17 MIDI/SYNC indicator field (IN) The information on SYNC received when MIDI/SYNC was received is displayed.
18 Track number field The number of the active track is displayed.
19 Repeat field Set this when you want to repeat the sample.
It will be repeatedly played back until a pad is hit once again.
Please set the repeat interval.
It works only on the main screen.
When a track is changed sound stops.

1 SEND level If cursor is moved to the SEND level field and a DATA wheel is turned, the SEND level of an effect can be set.
(It can set, only when REVERB or DELAY is select with the type of an effect.)
2 Output destination If cursor is moved to the output destination field and a DATA wheel is turned, the output destination of a track can be select.
When you want to apply an effect, please select F1 or F2. (F1=FX1 F2=FX2)
3 Pan The pan of a track can be set, if cursor is moved to the pan field and a DATA wheel is turned. (It sets as L50-R50=L9-R9)
4 Level The level of a track can be adjusted, if cursor is moved to the level field and a DATA wheel is turned.
5 Track number It is a number of a track.

Change Tsig Window which sets the time signature of the sequence.
4/4 is set by the default.
Change Bars Window which changes the number of the bars of a sequence.
Start Time It is a window which sets the starting time of MTC. Please refer to "MMC - MTC - CLOCK"
Pad event move to other track Please refer to "Movement of pad events". Reference video

SHIFT+F1(TR EDIT) Please refer to "Tracks Edit Mode".
SHIFT+F2(TEST) Please refer to video. MPC1000 MPC2500
SHIFT+F3(STRETCH) Please refer to Real-time Time stretch / Pitch shift
SHIFT+4(LOOPER) Please refer to Looping recorder
SHIFT+F5(P..SHIFT) Please refer to Real Time Pitch Shift
SHIFT+F6(InTHRU) Please refer to Input thru