Let's design an ideal convention center

The number of craftsman who is acquiring a high and artistic technology have decreased today . We called them "Takumi" by an old expression.

Because we are the staff involved in Vocational Ability Development, we are worrying every day  how could we succeed the "Gene of skills" to in the future . 

However, while thinking about it,  I noticed that though it is not reaching the level called as a skill, I myself have the experience which is worth to leaving. 

It is my experience at the Tokyo international exhibition center, nicknamed  "Tokyo Big Sight". 

However, having reported it as a mere sequel is not interesting. And I have already written in another part of this site. 

A lot of faults was noticed only after the exhibition center had been actually managed. Of course new facility has many convenient parts, but also, there was many parts which required improving. 

I do not have knowledge of construction. But fortunately, I can do everything hoped in the world of Web.
I imagined that if I should construct an ideal exhibition center in the world of virtual/ realities, what kind of exhibition center it would become.

In Japan, new exhibition center which corresponds to Tokyo Big Sight will not be constructed again in the future, I am guessing.. 
I think that a mere own satisfaction can be a valuable record from such a meaning. 

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This sentence was translated by using the translation software. Translation software sometimes does mistranslation. I can't correct the mistranslation because I am not so good at English. Please accept my apologies.

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œThe most important thing is how to match revenue and expenditure. 8/31/2000 up
œConstructing it far from the city is the worst.  9/1/2000 up
œDecide whether to make it as a European type or as an American type. 9/2/2000 up
œExamine the arrangement of the exhibition halls.  9/3/2000 up
œWeight strength of the floor.  9/5/2000 up
œTwo or more traffic access is necessary.  9/6/2000 up
œLet's set up the roof of the hall at a high position.   9/7/2000 up
œEquipment which should be provided in the exhibition hall (#1) 9/9/2000 up
œTo use the borrowed light thoroughly .  9/9/2000 up
œEstablish the hotel as an annex.  9/10/2000 up
œEquipment which should be provided in the exhibition hall (#2) 9/11/2000 up
œabout the arrangement of the restaurants.  9/12/2000 up
œThe reception furniture must be ordered ahead of time.  9/13/2000 up
œAbout a deeply related government office with the events 9/15/2000 up
œSet up the seminar room at the position where the hall can be looked about.  9/15/2000 up
œFacilities for convenience (#1)   (medical treatment room and nursery) 9/15/2000 up
œLet's apply the nickname to the facilities.  9/16/2000 up
œValue the convenience when you choose the chair of the conference room.  9/16/2000 up
œFacilities for convenience (#2) istopj 9/19/2000 up
œFacilities for convenience (#3) iVending machine, locker roomj 9/23/2000 up
œFacilities for hall management  iGuard member's room, cleaning room, and warehousej 9/24/2000 up
œDesign the large-scale conference room in consideration of multipurpose use. 9/24/2000 up
œAbout the notice of the corporate ad. 9/25/2000 up
œAbout the information service 9/30/2000 up
œLift up industrial method, it's marvelous ! 10/1/2000 up
œThe strong wind is dangerous.  10/1/2000 up
œConserve the energy and save the resource. 10/1/2000 up
œMake the disaster prevention manual.  10/1/2000 up
œMechanism to prevent damage of disaster. 10/2/2000 up
œUse the atrium for multipurpose.  10/4/2000 up
œWaiting circle for the transportation vehicle. 10/4/2000 up
œAnother important things.  10/5/2000 up
œCharge setting of exhibition hall 10/7/2000 up